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CargoSync team is here to clear all your doubts regarding packing mand moving services. To know more, call us on 9130034574.

  • How to contact an executive at CargoSync ?
    To reach our executive, You can call on our customer care number +91-9130034574. The working timings are 9:00am-8:00pm Monday-Sunday.
  • How can I get a quotation?
    To get a quotation follow these simple steps: 1. Call our customer care number +91-9130034574 2. Your enquiry will be noted down 3. Within 30 minutes, you will get a call from our executive. 4. After noting your requirements, the executive will share the quotation with you.
  • What will be the packing cost for 1BHK?
    The packing cost can not estimated blindly. Our executive will note down your items that need to be packed and then provide you a proper estimate for the service.
  • How much time will it take to move my stuff?
    The transit time of the movement depends upon the distance that need to be covered. The average running of the vehicle per day is taken as 300km.
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